Fearless Heart

'be inspired, be fearless'

Inspiring Keynote and Motivational Speeches from Amonn AL-Mahrouq


Amonn Al-Mahrouq Inspiring People

I speak at inspirational lectures and after dinner speeches, giving both formal and informal engaging seminars. Using my life experiences to inspire you to reach your full potential by sharing my unique life experiences and my strategies of overcoming extraordinary odds to achieve the impossible.

Some of the topics I cover are:

My Keynote speeches range from 30 - 60 minutes, with a questions and answer session at the end, however, I am able tailor speeches to your specific needs, ensuring I deliver the most relevant speech inspiring you to take action.

I am able to mix live music with my motivational lectures and present bespoke workshops ranging from 3 hours to a full day.

I am in high demand to motivate others, helping them achieve their ambitions due to my uniquely varied background, experiences and clear communication skills, - Let me inspire you today by calling me on +44 2392 750504 or +44 7429 497979