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Reviews and Testimonials of Amonn Al-Mahrouq

Selected Review :

  • I received a letter this morning from someone in Hayling Island who said you were an inspiration to us all.

    - Mavis Moore, National Director at GUCH
  • Amonn Al-Mahrouq performs a short medley of Saxophony for your enjoyment. Your ears will thank you.

    - Groundlings Theatre Company - October 2010
  • Every now and then we observers have the privilege to meet a natural teacher. Pleasure to watch you at work.

    - Richard Gridley
  • Many thanks for your part in the service last week - people are still talking about it! I look forward to our future collaboration

    - David Price, Portsmouth Cathedral
  • Amonn has overcome substantial obstacles to achieve what he has today.

    - Peter Rhodes, Head Of The Performing Arts, South Downs College
  • Really inspiring book, you must be so proud of what you have achieved and still lots more to come !!!

    - Vivenne Smith, Ice Skating Friend, January 2013
  • A thinker, a doer and an achiever. Amonn shows that despite whatever life throws at you, if you set your mind and heart to something it can be achieved despite your circumstances.

    - Matthew Hasker
  • Amonn Al Mahrouq made the air ring with his breathtaking saxophone playing. Thank you for all your help with Wickham Music Week. The website was very professional. Your Concert was a joy to listen to and it brought lots of new people into St. Nicholas Church . . . Keep in touch.

    - St. Nicholas Church.
  • I am very glad you enjoyed the experience on Sunday, we were delighted to have you there - your contribution was lovely and many people have commented on it. I very much hope we can do more with you in the future.

    - L. McCallum, B.B.C Radio Solent.

I would like to thank you both for presenting a truly splendid concert to our members...I have received a multitude of tributes to the quality of the music and for the enthusiasm you displayed...it was a wonderful evening and we all hope you will be able to return to Horndean the coming season.

- Arthur Bikers - Chairman, Horndean Music Society, January 2011
  • I first met Amonn at Gosport ice rink. I used to see him practicing his basic skating as I was teaching people. One day he approached me about ice skating lessons and explained to me his goals and ambitions. I was honored to help as much as I could.
    Through teaching Amonn, I have got to know him a lot more as a person. He is a lovely genuine down to earth man with a big heart and personality. He works so hard on the ice and has the determination to get to where he wants to be.
    He is a joy to teach and I am looking forward to the future that I know he will have in this sport.

    - Jodie O' Keefe, Ice skating Coach
  • I asked Amonn to play at our wedding back in January and he, together with his piano accompanist, did a marvelous job and made the day that extra special. Outside of music performance, he is eager, helpful, ambitious and above a pleasure to work with.

    - Mathew Hasker, May 2012
  • Being Amonn's friend has opened my eyes and taught me a lot. The way he lives his life shows me that we should grab every opportunity and live our lives to the full. Everyone will have good days and bad days but being friends with Amonn has helped me see that things are much easier when you have your friends around you.
    - Becky Lillycrop
  • I met Amonn Al-Mahrouq when we were both studying at the Trinity College of Music in the late nineties. Since graduating we were out of contact for a while but caught up in early 2010 and since then I have had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions, composing and arranging music for Amonn to perform on the Saxophone at a variety of concerts and events.
    Amonn's recovery from his condition is really inspiring, he is physically and mentally more active than most people I meet. Amonn is passionate and dedicated to every project he does and his enthusiasm is really contagious and uplifting. As well as being an excellent saxophonist, he is actively pursuing swimming, ice skating and living life to the fullest.
    - Edwin Sykes, 2012
  • Amonn developed into an outstanding player over the last few years and continues to work with great commitment in his studies. It is very satisfying for all of us to share in Amonn's success. He plays very sensitively and I am always pleased to work with him - I find it particularly rewarding.

    - P. Rhodes, Senior lecturer and Head of Music, South Downs College
  • Friendship applies a phrase ' what goes around comes around, ' and certainly it has with Amonn. Amonn has not only overcome his disease in a big way, he has also been a guiding light to those he has helped along the way. He has and will continue to inspire those around to do what they want and has always told them to follow their dreams and that nothing is impossible. So, well done Amonn, you have done unbelievably well, continue to shine through your music and your inspiration to others.

    - Maddie
  • I write to say a very warm thank-you for being part of the fine concert you and David gave the other Tuesday. I must say that I had been looking forward to an unusual combination of sounds, the Organ and Saxophone and, in the event we were treated both to that and the intimacy of the Saxophone with the Piano which I felt work extremely well, especially in that large acoustic. However, thank you and here's to another time!
    - Arnold Jarman, Winchester Cathedral, April 2010
  • Amonn was extremely keen and capable and took the opportunity to speak with our sub-editor and designers in order to learn more about the magazine process.

    - J. Gibson, Managing Editor, BBC Music Magazine
  • Amonn was wonderful - We all loved him. I have just given Amonn a Saxophone lesson which I enjoyed very much. As you know he is potentially an exceptionally musical boy......He obviously needs to practice hard! but I think he has something special. He overcomes difficulties with patience, passion and application, and in a live performance is very charismatic. All the very best for your future. I love it when you keep in touch.
    - Dr. Atarah Ben-Tovim