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Photographic Baldi - 02 to 08 March 2015

An Evening in Southsea

Wow! What a productive week - thank you all so much for your messages - I hope I have managed to answer your all your questions, if I have missed anyone out, feel free to message me or tweet me Amonn AL-Mahrouq and I will endeavour to answer them as promptly as I can.

There have been lots of bug fixes to my web site this week - I have added back my twitter feed and the icons now correctly point to my account. I have run my entire site through a spell checker and have found corrected a few errors that managed to escape last time, lol! Also, the underlying code base has been tightened up somewhat making it a little more compliant with W3C Web Standards. Thank you to the person who correctly spotted my incorrect twitter feed link. Last, however not least on the web side I have amended all my photos are to be the same on both Facebook and Twitter.

I have been busy designing posters and decided it can be fun! Especially when you do not have much time - the moto, just get on and begin!

This week was the week! I finally took the plunge and signed up for an specific Biography Writing (Make The Most Of Your Life Experience) course - lots and lots to read, including a very helpful free book (thank you!) - hence, lots of book writing and progress made, although I am now knee deep in research, lol! Loving it!

I am currently working on another new section of my forthcoming book - wish I could say more, keeping tuning in as you will be very glad you did!

Wednesday saw a killer but cool gym session - so tired afterwards, however felt very alive! Not quite sure how I managed to usher for The Billy Fury Years, but I did it! A very enjoyable concert however just a tad loud for my licking, lol!

Friday was another great day as this was the day I began my 3 week free photographic course in Southsea Library - run by Highbury College. I am very much enjoying my photography course and have a mini-assignment on my local area which I am looking forward to working on. I also received a Certificate for the first free course I did which was an Introduction to using a Digital Camera.

To swimming news, Sunday club was packed full of friends! Great stuff.I love being social and exercising at the same time - very productive! and I am very happy being back in the pool after suffering from this flue virus, which seemed to have lingered for ages.

Last but not least, Piano news - nothing really here to say, apart from I am more practicing for my exam and enjoying the process! I may have an event looming and will keep you posted as and when I know more.

This week is kinda hectic again however, I am looking forward to get back to Portsmouth North Sea Swimming Club on Friday evening.

What have you done this week to inspire someone?

Stay tuned for more inspiring posts!