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Baldi will go to Glasgow - 23 to 29 March 2015

View of Amonn's Piano

This week saw some very cool news which has changed my routine for the better as I am back to something I love!

Firstly, thank you Sunday Club! I always look forward to swimming amongst such nice people. Sharing our weeks news always makes everything the more interesting.

In book news, writing has been a bit slow these last few weeks due to a cool event I am participating in very soon. However, I have managed to rewrite nearly twenty pages and I have a lot of things to add once this round has been completed. I will keep you posted. As many of you know I have started another writing course. This one is a specialist autobiographies course and am currently working with my team to complete my book as soon as is possible - I will post updates here, so be sure to check back from time to time. Lots more research has been completed this week coupled with a lot of duplicates being removed from this current draft. Bring on the day where there are no duplicates in sight!

The same goes for Piano practice, I have been busy beavering away polishing pieces for my forthcoming Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music, Grade Seven Piano exam which I will take this summer. I am very much looking forward to it as have lots of inspiring events planned for the the future.

This week has seen lots of minor website changes, a few more bells and whistles. I have removed the events page and place forthcoming inspiring events on my index page for quick access and less messing around for you all. Thank you all for your appreciated feedback.

Wednesday evening saw me ushering for Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at The Kings, Southsea. I loved it! You really must see this short film, it is incredible and well worth the entrance fee. Beforehand, I dropped into a friends for an express coffee and a catch up, which is always nice. On Sunday evening, I ushered at the Kings theatre for Portsmouth Festival Winners Concert which contained a variety of music and dance. My favourites of the evening were a fantastic tap dancing group and a very different arrangement of one of my most favourite pieces of music - Run. This particular arrangement was for choir - different, I hear you say! Well yes, and I am very pleased to report it works very, very well!

Some of you have been asking how I manage to achieve so much and still have time for express coffee with you all. I use a few very useful apps such as Things from Cultured Code and have just begun to use OmniOutliner. I can see OmniOutliner replace my current workflow of Things and Evernote - sorry guys! Why use two apps when one is better! Everything in one app is better, I can vouch for that after years of using a few, I believe I can have my say in this matter. Things has a flawless sync and is a fantastic app, just OmniOutliner suits my current purposes a lot better. Before I decided on OmniOutliner, I reviewed the upcoming new version of Microsoft Word, which will be fantastic, however, for some of the more specialised things I do, OmniOutliner I find to be more flexible and powerful.

On Saturday evening I met with a friend spending time discussing some rather interesting projects. Wish I could say more, however all will be revealed shortly.

Thank you for asking, what has been keeping me so occupied and why I keep pushing things out a day or so later than planned - it is extremely simple - I am back! These last few weeks I have been loving my Archery however, have got back to my ice skating - currently I am practicing for this years Inclusive Skating Championships, to be held in Glasgow between the tenth and twelfth April, 2015 - please see my site for further details and upcoming events.

If you are local, please do drop in and say hi - you will see a lot of very talented and impressive impaired skaters inspiring the audience.

This week has been a week of many changes both in software and learning - I am now a kind of wiz with Garageband as I learnt to cut my ice skating competition music, add fades and enhance tracks. All completed to a professional stranded within 90 minutes - that includes watching You Tube videos, so thank you, You Tube!