Fearless Heart

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Baldi Prepares For Glasgow - 30 March to 05 April 2015

Some of the many species of friendly flowers found in our garden!

This week saw a lot of ice practice for my forthcoming Ice Skating competition which will be held on April 10 to 12 in Glasgow, so anyone up that way, feel free to drop in, say hi and support an inspiring event - as I am positive it will be!

Some of you will rightly want to know why I have left putting up my weekly blog post until now, lets just say the ftp server has not been feeling very well recently and has taken some time out, happily it is back online and raring to work. Ah, but, I hear you all say, if I am in Glasgow next weekend, does that mean my blog post will also be late, well yes....maybe! You are correct, it will be, hopefully not as late as this one, though! Taking of websites.

I have been busy with lots of small changes to the code making sure I am keeping up to date with emerging technology and keeping up with web standards - this is an ongoing upgrade, however I will always try to minimise disruption as much as I can.

My forthcoming book has made much progress and I am very much enjoying the editing process, have completed about thirty or so pages so getting there!

Sunday swimming club was enjoyable as always and I love being able to relax and switch off whilst swimming.

My new tool for this week is OmniOutliner which has a bit of a learning curve, however, is totally amazing and extremely flexible.

Tuesday saw me spend a lovely evening out with a friend for supper, who was back on her Easter break from University in Wales. I always love catching up, we took in a lovely curry at a local favourite eatery before going for a short drive, exploring the lovely Hampshire countryside.

Wednesday evening saw me ushering at The Kings Theatre for Calamity Jane. A throughly enjoyable and brilliant show. I managed to bump into a friend from the Olympic Ceremonies who was also ushering for the show, so lovely express catch up. I always love running into you all!

I took in a Piano lesson on Friday afternoon, which I enjoyed - more work to be done, however getting there!