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Baldi gets held up by a Swan - 16 to 22 March 2015

View of Amonn's Piano

An excellent week, despite being temporarily held up by a swan! In the middle of a busy road, would you believe! I have been busy this week looking into an up and coming event, which I am currently in the process of finalising. I will announce the date and venue on this site as soon they are confirmed.

The event I will be announcing my participation in, brings me back to an activity I used to be very involved with. I am loving preparing for it and am looking forward to progressing in the future.

In Piano news, I continue to make much progress with both my technical and pieces and am looking forward to sitting my forthcoming Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music Grade 7 Piano exam later this year. Currently, I am deep in negation with a composer friend over some great arrangements of popular pieces which I hope to bring you later this year.

My book has undergone somewhat of an major overhaul this week. I have added a lot of new and interesting information which is now in better date order with much more detail. The text is now far more approachable and readable with much improved flow. I am continuing to research and add as many relevant details as I am able to without it loosing its character or emphasis.

There have been some minor bug fixes to my web site. This is an ongoing process, so do stay tuned for further enhancements.

Thursday evening saw me usher for Lady Killers at the Kings Theatre. I have never read the book or seen this before and was amazed as there was a cast of just three. Definitely well with seeing. A great cast and performance, well done and well done all you ushers too! Thursday morning was also the morning I was held up by a swan! Personally, I think he just wanted to go and explore, apparently others did not think that!? Yes, I did stop to let him/her cross the road.

Friday morning saw my last photography class in Southsea Library. I will miss my newly found friends however, am thankfully there is a wide range of fantastic electronic communications available twitter for example to keep in touch. It has been great knowing and learning with you all - I wish you all the very best of luck. Keep smiling and in touch!

Along with a considerable amount of walking this week also saw an enjoyable session at Fitness First in Portsmouth combined with a lovely social swimming session on Sunday morning.

Thank you to everyone who has added me on Twitter. If I have not got round to adding you, no worries I will do soon!

I will be announcing inspiring events as they materialise - so do stay tuned!