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Baldi has a hair cut - 09 to 15 March 2015

View of the moon

Wow! Such a fantastic week! Unfortunately, I did loose a bit more hair as I underwent an express hair cut (tidy up!) for an event later in the week. More on that later.

Monday saw a few interesting things. Firstly I was delighted and surprised to receive a certificate for completing my free photographic course in Southsea Library - Thanks Highbury College ! and secondly I was on ushering duties in The Kings Theatre for The Woman In Black. I had heard about this production, however have never read the book - I found it to be very different, throughly enjoyable and highly recommended. The actors really did stand out as being talented and portrayed their various characters with ease. I have downloaded the book and look forward to reading sometime soon! Lets see if the book is as good as the production! Beforehand, I always try and stop off at one of my favourite coffee houses in Albert Road Home Coffee this evening was no different! The coffee is always great and so are the staff.

Tuesday saw me complete a book I have been reading - The Chimp Paradox, The Mind Management Programme For Confidence, Success and Happiness by Prod Steve Peters. which I can throughly recommend to you all as a must read! In the evening, on my way home, I received some great news - I aim to inspire you all in the very near future, fingers crossed all goes well and I will reveal a new way to inspire you very soon!

Tuesday also saw me manage to pack in lots of book writing, piano practice and combine it will an express trip to The Big Smoke (London) where I managed to randomly bump into a great friend and enjoyed yet another cup of The Black Stuff - coffee and an express catch up.

If the last two days were great, then Wednesday was a treat as in the afternoon I was treated to a rehearsal of a Violin and Piano recital performed by my piano teacher and a friend - you just cannot beat live music! Also it provided an opportunity for me to catch up with my friend in amongst her rehearsal.

Thursday saw my book writing course which was enjoyable and I managed to get a lot completed along with a massive round of bug fixes to my web site. If you find any, be sure to tweet me and I will see to it they are squashed as soon as possible, thanks!

Friday saw an good camera course in which I learnt lots and lots - so, it was very serious playtime over the weekend! In the afternoon, I had an enjoyable Piano lesson which saw lots of progress on all three of my exam pieces, great news! I have lots of new pieces in the pipeline and am looking forward to future recitals! In the evening, Baldi underwent an express hair cut, with my eyes closed, of course! I really did not want to see any more of my prised hair being removed!!! Thankfully, this was just a tidy up for an event to be held on Saturday evening.

Saturday evening saw a fantastic event at Portsmouth Guildhall with the University Of Portsmouth Alumni Association. It was lovely to be back amongst friends and to make a few new ones. The evening was throughly enjoyable as I was placed on a table with at least three differing nationalities. I practiced my Spanish and learnt a few words in Chinese! Bonus! Then there were two English students just for good measure.

Sunday Swimming Club. This was a good session, my first swimming session this week so, I decided I needed to work harder than usual. Not much chatting for me today! It felt lovely being back in the water and I felt much better for the exercise! It's always lovely chatting up with everyone and I look forward to next week.

Sunday evening saw me ushering for The Essence Of Ireland at The Kings Theatre. This show was fantastic! I found the cast to be vey good and the evening to be throughly enjoyable. Congratulate all who took park - oh and great work ushers!

I will be announcing some new and cool events soon - so keep an eye out!