Fearless Heart

'be inspired, be fearless'

Baldi (Amonn AL-Mahrouq) Has A Break

Southsea Sea walk

This week has been hectic in a very cool way!

Thanks to a great friend, Layth, lots and lots of fantastic progress has been made on my book this weekend - still lots to do, however, I am looking at beginning a specialised book writing course extremely soon. Exciting.

Thanks to Evernote I recovered my prised document due to a crashed iPhone, lol! Taught me a lesson though as I will now be restarting my phone every once in a while, just in case it happens again and I will never rush to be the first to update software! On a more positive note I now live in Notification Centre which once you get used to, is the only place one can live for an on time life!

I enjoyed a fantastic day and a half express break in Hampshire with my very good friend Layth and his family this weekend - I learnt lots of new things and may have found a great new hobby (very cool!) - stay tuned for more on this one - it is just another way to inspire you all!

On Monday, I enjoyed lunch, catch up and a mystery drive (and yes, we did get a bit lost - but that is half the fun!) with another of my great friends - I love catching up with you all!

I have done a fair bit of Piano practice this week, however, not my usual amount due to being extremely busy with my book, planning new and inspiring events and other cool things.

Swimming on Tuesday was another great session - I achieved lots, although tiring!! I was completely woken up by the end! I did, however, miss my Friday and Sunday sessions due to being on my express break, so I am looking forward to getting back into things soon.

A lot has happened on my web site - I have removed the sitemap and will continue to simplify things even further for you all. I have other cool things planned and look forward to updating you all.

Wednesday saw a great deal of Piano practice and in the afternoon I enjoyed a coffee at a great little coffee shop in The Independent Republic Of Albert Road called, Home.

Thursday saw me bump into a Sunday Swimming Club friend, on my way to Kings Theatre, Southsea. As I was early, I took the opportunity to enjoyed an express catch up before ushering for Hairspray. We enjoyed a great big audience, over a thousand in the house. I learnt that mint chock chip ice cream is the most popular flavour amongst an audience of predominantly young people. The production was excellent and I managed to bump into an ice skating friend on the way out - so a double whammy of goodness!

Thursday was interesting day! As I returned home from my writing course, I was confronted by my road being blocked at both ends by police cars and policemen/women! After being sent the long way round to my house, I found out there was a mini scare - a suspicious package had arrived at a Conservative Councillors house just opposite us - I am glad to say, all ended well, although it could have been far, far worse!