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Baldi (Amonn AL-Mahrouq) Goes To London - 15 to 22 February 2015

New Design London Bus

What an inspiring week combined with lots of great achievements. Where shall I begin?! Ok - Firstly, Evernote is a lifesaver! Thanks to the Premium version I managed to salvage a file sync gone wrong! After my recent experience I have begun using Evernote for everything and will never look back. Evernote is high portability and cross-compability means I am able to work on anything anywhere and at anytime - cool!

I have been working extremely hard on book writing and have the first 11 or so pages in order and will continue to the current version over the next week and look forward to having a finalised copy very soon. I have temporary removed some text as it lives in a different part of my book - I am continuing to add section and have no taken some photos for an up and coming new section - understandably, I am feeling very happy with my progress and look forward to reporting more great news soon.

To Piano news - I have been practicing all available free moments and feel a lot happier with my progress - I am on track for some very cool things in the future - so keep watching and reading! Of course, I will let you know as soon as I am able to. Last Sunday evening, I was treated to an enjoyable FREE concert of fog horns! This welcome break allowed me to brainstorm more and thus now I have many more great things to add to my forthcoming book.

I have had a very productive week with my website and have now completed moving my blog across amongst other things. I have updated the copyright across my site, updated the menu and navigation, updated site map and the site is a lot more compliant with W3c web standards. Oh and Fearless Heart links to Mahrouq - so lots of jobs ticked off my list! I have many many more great plans, adjustments and enhancements coming soon, I will let you know about them in future posts. If you would like to see a feature on my site, then please message me and if it is a feature a lot of people would love to see, I will consider adding it!

Swimming was a lot of fun this week! - If Tuesdays session was good, then Friday evenings was amazing! Lots of fun games played, however, I saw the education side - needles to say, they both flew past at lightening speed - It is always fun chatting with Lifeguards and other club members - I could not wish for a better swimming club - thank you to everyone, for making me feel so at home. Lets just say, our swimming session on Friday involved a rope! I will let you draw your own conclusions to that one!

Due to half term, unfortunately there was no Creative Writing Course for me, however, Camera course was on and we learnt many new editing techniques which I feel sure will come in handy. We also learnt much about presets and manual photography which, I dare say I will certainly be trying out in due course.

Then there was Thursday - what a great day! I found myself in London, amongst other things taking some useful pictures for my book - after spending time in Waterstones - one of my favourite shops, we bumped into Brain Blessed! Yes, it was him, honest. What a great person and a perfect end to our long day!

Stay tuned for more inspiring posts!