Fearless Heart

'be inspired, be fearless'

Amonn Al- Mahrouq, Motivational Speaker - Pianist and Teacher

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Amonn Al-Mahrouq

I am keynote motivational speaker inspired by my passions of music, piano playing, piano and theory of music teaching, ice skating and swimming, fearless to live my life to the full in spite of serious lifelong heart problems.

My inspirational book and lecture recital series, Fearless Heart, Living in Spite Of Things That Scare You To Death shares some of my unique life experiences and reveals my own personal strategies of overcoming extraordinary odds enabling you to live your life to the full.

I am a lifelong musician with a Musical CV The Guardian rated as 'seriously impressive', a highly active and enthusiastic ice skater (Double Gold Medalist, Inclusive Skating Trophy, Braehead Curling Rink, April 2015 and Dumfries Ice Bowl, May 2013) and swimmer. I hold a Masters Degree in Internet Management and Engineering, a P.G.C.E in Education, and an Undergraduate Degree in Music.

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Really inspiring book, you must be so proud of what you have achieved and still lots more to come !!!

- Vivenne Smith, Ice Skating Friend, January 2013